Thomas Larrieu2






Kevin Richetin: Postdoctoral fellow 2017-2021. Now here

Atik Balla: Master student in 2021

Frédéric Cassé: Postdoctoral fellow 2015-2019. Now here

Violette Page: Master student in Medicine 2020. Now back to Med school…

Gautier Le Gavrian: Master student in Medicine 2019. Now back to Med school…

Valentine Golzné: Scientist 2019. Now at CHUV

Louis Farquet: Master student 2018. Now high school biology teacher

Enea Parietti: Master student 2018. Now here

Pauline Depierre: Master student 2017. Now here

Kyllian Ginggen: Master student 2017. Now PhD student at UNIL

Sagana Sachchithanantham: Lab assistant 2018. Now here

Jacqueline Kocher: Lab assistant 2015-2017. Now here

Sébastien Sultan, PhD.: Postdoctoral fellow 2010-2015. Now here

Jonathan Moss, PhD.: Postdoctoral fellow 2012-2016. Now Postdoc at Edimburgh University

Elias Gebara, PhD.: Doctoral student  2012-2016. Now Postdoc at EPFL

Marine Krzisch, PhD.: Doctoral student  2010-2014. Now Postdoc at MIT

Jan Armida: Master student in 2012. Now here

Florian Udry: Master student in 2013. Now here

Laura Jabinet: Master student in 2012. Now here

Kristell Moullec: Master student in 2012.