Professor Nicolas Toni, Phd. 

Center for Psychiatric Neurosciences, Lausanne University Hospital – CHUV, Route de Cery, Bâtiment 11C, 1008 Prilly-Lausanne, Switzerland

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email: nicolas.toni(at), phone: ++4121-314-3916

How to get here: 

From Geneva airport, take the train to Lausanne: Do not consider taking a taxi from here unless you plan to directly wire your salary to the taxi company :-). Instead, take a left immediately after customs, without exiting the airport. At the end of the hallway, you will reach the train station (indicated by “SBB CFF FFS”, see image below). You can take a ticket just before the signboards, or online by clicking here, to Cery-Fleur-de-Lys (if you directly come to our lab), or to Lausanne. Take any train to Lausanne (about 45 minutes trip), sit on the right side of the train and enjoy the view…. Then follow the instructions below.

Image result for aeroport geneve gare cff

From the Lausanne train station (a.k.a. “gare”), take the subway to Lausanne Flon: Exit from the Noth side of the station (opposite side from the lake). Cross the street and enter the subway station (a.k.a. “Métro”, see image below. There is only one, you cannot miss it…). Take the subway direction “Croisettes” and exit at “Flon” (1 stop).

Gare CCF

From Lausanne Flon, take the train “LEB” to Cery-Fleur-de-Lys: Direction Echallens and exit at “Cery-Fleur-de-Lys” (5th stop, indicated by a red circle on the map below). From the station, cross the railway and walk up the hill (5 minutes walk). Follow the asterisks on the map below.

From the highway: Exit at “La Blecherette”, exit number 9, North of the highway. Take the first road West (“Route du Mont”), that indicates  “Echallens, Prilly” shown on the right of the map below. For about 1km, you will cross some fields and the Department of psychiatry is the first group of buildings on your right. The Centre for Psychiatric Neurosciences is at the opposite end (North) of this entrance. Follow the main path until the North parking lot (red circle) and use the map below to find us.

BEWARE !!! Do not forget to pay the parking at one of the indicated ticket machines and to display the ticket on your windshield. The city of Lausanne has professionally-trained snipers that will detect you within seconds after you parked your car without a valid ticket … guess how we know…

Map Tonilab2