March 16, 2023: Congratulations to Charline Carron for her amazing talk at the science popularization competition “Ma thèse en 180 secondes”. The video can be viewed here.

November 9, 2020: The Tonilab congratulates Kevin Richetin for his work showing that astrocytes contribute  more to Alzheimer’s disease than was anticipated. See the original publication in Nature Neuroscience here. Good job Kevin !!!

November 2, 2018: The Tonilab is moving to another building, 300 meters away from the old one. See the map in the contact tab, to find us.

November 2-4, 2017: Tonilab at an art exhibit: Some of our scientific pictures have been selected for an art exhibit in the framework of the postdoc association of the University of Lausanne. Come and visit us at the gallerie la Sonnette, in Lausanne.

August 20-24, 2017: The Tonilab will present its latest results at the International Neurochemistry Conference in Paris.

June 12-16, 2017: The Tonilab will chair a session on ““Functional integration of hippocampal adult neurogenesis”” at the “Spring Hippocampal Research Conference“, in Taormina, Sicily

March 2017: The Tonilab was featured in the journal of the University of Lausanne :”Allez Savoir!”. See the full text here. (French only)

December 2016: The Tonilab was featured in the journal of the Alzheimer-Synapsis foundation issue of December 2016. See the PDF Alzinfo. (French only)

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